Scrambled Tofu (Be Not Afraid)

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Vegans! (and non vegans for that matter)….. Be not afraid of tofu! These poor soya based slabs do not enjoy a very positive reputation, and once upon a time I was terrified of it myself. All’s I knew was that it was possibleto create beautiful things with tofu and I knew because I’d tasted such delights in various Greater Manchester Chinese restaurants….. But I never had much luck myself until I took a little bit of time to understand what tofu was all about. One link I found very useful was this Tofu 101 from the Healthy Happy Life Blog.

Once you’ve made friends with our beany chum, nothing can stop you! One of my favourite breakfasts is a big ol’ pile of scrambled tofu on toast with a bit of cheezly sprinkled atop. You just can’t beat the Post Punk Kitchen recipe, and don’t be afraid to vary it!

Take heart in knowing that tofu is packed with good stuff!

One final tip – buying tofu from the supermarket is crazy expensive. Get down to your local Chinese supermarket where you can often buy bulk packs for a whole lot cheaper 🙂


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